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Profile:42 Dugg
Age:26 Years Old
Height:5ft 1in (155 cm)
Net Worth:US $500 Thousand

42 Dugg is an American rapper from Detroit, Michigan. He is currently signed to a joint contract; Yo Gotti‘s CMG label and Lil Baby‘s 4PF records. His discography includes popular singles “STFU”, “You Da One”, “Tripping”, and “Free Mines”. He has already collaborated with Yo Gotti, Lil baby, Tee Grizzley, Babyface Ray and a host of others.

42 Dugg was born on November 25, 1993 in Detroit, Michigan. Growing up on the eastside, he attended various schools and had scuffles with other students. In an interview, he admits that he was more into parties rather than books. 42 Dugg got into legal troubles and fell victim to the law from an early age. At age 15, he was sentenced to 6 years in jail. He did not state the reason for his jail time. During his 5th year, he was placed in solitary confinement for fighting. Ironically, he started laying down bars while spending his 3 months in the hole. After receiving thumbs up from other inmates, upon release, 42 Dugg decided to take his craft to the studio booth.

In January 2018, 42 Dugg released one of his first single, Mama I’m Sorry. As the title states, the track is an apology to his mother for all the pain and heartache he caused her. The song attracted thousands of listeners and set the stage for future breakout singles. In the summer, he collaborated with OMB Peezy, EWM Kdoe, Bagboy Mel, Cashkidd, and EWM Buck on “STFU.” The track became a hit and its music video was featured exclusively on WSHH. To date, it has amassed over 7 million streams with upper 90s approval rating. “Free Mines”, another head turner, also made its debut that summer. It, too, would accumulate millions of streams online.

In November 2018, 42 Dugg dropped one of his hottest songs of all time, “The Streets” ft Babyface Ray. What some would consider his breakout single, the track certainly garnered him a lot of attention. In 3 months, it has seen over 3 million streams. On Spotify, it is listed on his top 3 performers. With hot new singles buzzing throughout Detroit, 42 Dugg began making connections with prominent rappers. In March 2019, he hit the studio booth with Yo Gotti and the two released a heat-seeker, “You Da One.” Prior to the release, 42 Dugg was introduced to the rapper through a Lil Baby connection. The track has being blowing up every since. With 3 weeks under its belt, it already has over 4 million streams on YouTube alone. On March 11, 2019, it was announced that 42 Dugg has inked a joint contract with CMG label and 4PF records.

Aside from singles, he has released mixtapes and EPs. In August 2018, he dropped two volume of “11241 Wayburn”; part 1 being a mixtape and part 2 an EP. 42 Dugg’s latest project “Young and Turnt” arrived in March 2019. The mix was led by “You Da One” and featured Babyface Ray, Lil Baby, Peewee Longway, Tee Grizzley, and Yo Gotti. The project has received great feedback from its listeners.

42 Dugg’s height is 5ft 1in. His net worth is estimated at $500 Thousand USD. It took him 3 months to write his first single, Mama I’m Sorry. At first, he wrote his lyrics, however as his career progresses, 42 Dugg started spitting off the dome. Not limited to hardcore rapping, he sometime incorporates singing into his songs. He has hopes of working with Nicki Minaj and Jeezy. He was called on set by Yo Gotti and handed his CMG chain solidifying his deal. He admits that most of his colleagues, whom he grew up with, are in jail. His Instagram account has 140k+ followers and his YouTube channel houses 10k+

42 Dugg Real Name, Birthday, Wiki

Real Name:
Birthday:November 25, 1993
Age:26 Years Old
Place of Birth:Detroit, Michigan, United States
Zodiac Sign:Sagittarius
Height:5ft 1in (155 cm)
Years Active:2017-present
Net Worth:US $500 Thousand