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How much is Beyonce and Jay-Z Worth? Beyonce and Jay-Z Combined Career Earnings by Year:
 Jay-Z and Beyonce Net Worth and Career Earnigns: Jay Z and Beyonce are an American music and business power couple who have a combined net worth of $1.5 billion.

They first cracked the combined billion dollar mark in July 2014. Jay-Z’s portion of their net worth is $1 billion and Beyonce’s is $500 million. That’s easily enough to make them one of the top 10 richest celebrity couples in the world. As a matter of fact, when you remove famous women who happen to be dating not-so-famous billionaires like Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Penault, Jay-Z and Beyonce are the #1 richest celebrity couple in the world. They are well ahead of couples like Tom Brady/Gisele Bundchen and David/Victoria Beckham. Beyonce sports a $5 million wedding ring by Lorraine Schwartz. Jay-Z has sold more than 100 million records while his wife Beyonce has sold about the same, not counting the 60 million she sold as a part of Destiny’s Child. Beyonce and Jay-Z have three children together, a daughter named Blue Ivy Carter who was born on January 7th, 2012 and twins Rumi and Sir Carter who were born in June 2017.

Combined Earnings: Jay and Bey are easily one of the highest earning couples in the world every year. In an average year, they earn a combined $100 million from record sales, touring, merchandise, endorsements, business ventures and more. When Jay performs, his concerts gross an estimated $1.5 million per night. When Beyonce tours, her concerts gross over $2 million. We have tracked their annual combined earnings since 2007.

Beyonce and Jay-Z Combined Career Earnings by Year:

2007 – $84 million
2008 – $160 million
2009 – $70 million
2010 – $133 million
2011 – $107 million
2012 – $83 million
2013 – $93 million
2014 – $175 million
2015 – $111 million
2016 – $116 million
2017 – $147 million
2018 – $137 million

Total = $1.416 billion

Keep in mind that number is just their actual earnings before taxes. That number does not include the paper value of investments in businesses and real estate (or debt connected to those real estate assets). Jay’s stake in Tidal could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars on paper to the right buyer. Beyonce’s clothing line could also be worth hundreds of millions.

Beyonce and Jay-Z Net Worth from Real Estate: The Carters have houses all over the world and are even rumored to own an island in the Bahamas. When they are in the United States, The Carters can be found at a luxury apartment in New York City, a mansion in Westchester County, New York or a waterfront Villa in Miami. In August 2017, it was revealed that Jay and Beyonce have acquired an $82 million mansion in Los Angeles. It was also revealed that they took out a $50 million mortgage to acquire the property which in theory will mean their monthly payments will top $250,000.