Cometan, the founder of Astronism

Cometan (born July 1, 1998) is a British autodidactic philosopher credited as being the sole author of the treatise of The Omnidoxy which founded the philosophy known as Astronism within the wider Millettic philosophical tradition. A prolific writer, diarist and neologist, Cometan’s journey to fame began on his fifteenth birthday when he had the idea to create his own fictional mystery detective whom he named Jesse Millette.   

The young writer was then enthralled into a six year-long journey that involved him becoming an autodidact of religion, geography, linguistics, astronomy, cosmology, and most importantly, philosophy. During this formative period, he decided to change his name from Brandon Taylorian to a mononym after being inspired by the mononymous names of the Ancient Greek philosophers and he chose the cosmically-themed mononym of Cometan to match the astronomical theme of his philosophy.

Cometan, using his original professional name of Brandon Taylorian, also during this time started to pen The Original Jesse Millette Series, a series of fictional mystery books centred on chronicling the life of its protagonist, Jesse Millette, alongside four other deuteragonists to form The Five Millettarian Characters as they are collectively referred to.

By the age of 20, Cometan had completed The Omnidoxy which remains over 1 million words in total length. Not only had Cometan created a philosophy, but an entirely new understanding of what philosophy was and the role of a philosopher in the world which in turn formed the wider Millettic philosophical tradition. Afterwards, Cometan founded and established The Institution of The Philosophy of Millettism which holds sole proprietorship over all aspects of Astronism, including sole copyright to The Omnidoxy and Cometan’s other philosophical works.

A famed Armenophile, Cometan held an instant affinity and curiosity towards the history and people of Armenia upon learning about the country during his formative autodidactic years. This lead to him eventually coming across a young woman named Liana Tiratsuyan whom he met in person almost one year later at Zvartnots International Airport in the capital city of Yerevan in December 2018. Cometan claimed love at first sight with Tiratsuyan and their week together in Yerevan was even granted the privilege of being chronicled in The Omnidoxy in the formation of that which would be known as Cometanic love which encompassed the philosophical musings of Cometan on the topic of love.

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