Ekim 13, 2021

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We can’t say we were surprised when things went belly up for Alex and Ellie on Love Island on Monday night’s episode but we didn’t expect to start to see cracks between Megan and Eyal.

MEGAN’S GONE THERE! Look at the face on Laura. ??? #LoveIslandEllie ended things with the doctor, telling him (along with anyone else who would listen) that she had no romantic feelings towards him and that there was no chemistry between the pair.

Now it looks like Megan and Eyal could be on the rocks too. A teaser clip for Tuesday night’s episode showed her admitting she didn’t think they’d anything in common.

It also showed Megan pulling Wes aside for a chat and her choosing to kiss him in some kind of game.

Everyone thinks this is why Megan kisses Wes on tonight’s Love Island

?WARNING: Tonight’s show contains some shocking behaviour! We’ve got this AND a dumping at 9pm on @itv2. #LoveIsland

Now viewers reckon they know why Megan is perhaps looking to move on with Wes.

Wes and partner Laura have made no secret of the fact that they’ve been getting frisky in the villa – and Laura has certainly been complimentary about her man’s skills, shall we say.

Well… we’ll let the tweets say the rest.