Ekim 13, 2021

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Feels So Good
Remy Ma
Featuring Ne-Yo
Produced by Knobody & L.V.
Album There’s Something about Remy: Based on a True Story

[Hook: Ne-Yo]
We up in this room (yea)
And I’m puttin it down on you (mmm)
Now your pushin back at me
And I don’t want to let you leave
But baby girl you feel (so good)
Little mama that thing is (so good)
Girl the way that you movin (so good)
I wanna do it again do it again (so good)

[Remy Ma]
Stop actin crazy I’mma keep it real
See I just need some one that gives me something I could feel
Have a little small talk and a night on the town
It could all be yours if you go another round
Dont wanna lose you in it cause the groove is in it
But it really don’t matter long as you be in it
Boo what’s gotten in to you? – I told you I got a interview
But you wanna get intimate – why you tryna get in to it?

[Interlude: Ne-Yo]
Baby I know you got moves to make
But you ain’t leavin’ ’til I get another taste
I ain’t ashamed to say you got a nigga open babe
And I’mma need some more before you get away (ooooh)


[Remy Ma]
Yea you pushin’ further and I’m seeing that you lovin it
I’m pushin back and got you callin out my government
Like reminisce – I’m really feelin this
And I don’t like to kiss, but I really like ya lips
See I’m tryna hold it but I can’t control it
My mind is tellin me stop but my body it keeps goin
You want me to stay and I wish I could
Another day but tell me why I should

[Interlude] + [Hook]

[Remy Ma]
So good you can’t even keep your hands off
So good you feel you need to go and put ya mans on
You got ya blackberry off and your phone vibratin
And all you wanna know is why my legs keep shakin
See we both grown and I know when the feel is right
And wat you sayin is makin me wanna spend the night
And now I’m focused and I’m open cause ya noticed me
And I was hoping you’d say, “Can I take you home with me?”