Flexylex Tha Fbabyboss Heartbeat Song Lyrics letra Text Paroles sarkı sozler

Heartbeat Flexylex Tha Fbabyboss Song Lyrics letra Text Paroles sarkı sozler
Song Lyrics letra Text Paroles Şarkı sözler best nice sing lyrics
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Flexylex Tha Fbabyboss

Its young flexy bae

(Rap 1)
Put the past in the behind and let the present speak
Tell the future pay attention for the next speech
I heard good words never lie
How come they did, when you told me that you loved me

She was the prettiest thing i have ever seen
But all these means nothing if she ain’t got a heart
She just focused on the money, and loved me in disguise
But how come i still miss her even though she was a lie

I think I’m used to her, but it’ll slowly wash away
Put the memories in blunt and blow away
I’m high, she keeps flaunting through my mind
But i think she think of me the most times i think of her lies

She was my heart beat and now it stopped beating
And anytime i see her pictures it starts groaning
Yeah, the birds coming for the bull shit
I could paint a picture perfect, of her

Yeah, urhh, tell her

(Rap 2)
She was my heartbeat, and my hobby
And it don’t make sense, if she ain’t here
I found a new lover, and she a heart warmer
She want none other, cos she gat me on her trailer

I know she love me like her breath, so i make her breathe
So when its tine to make me sweat, i’ll make you lick
I hope it tastes like honey, cos you ain’t honey
And now bae gat me, why gaze at me?

All of me, hm she all of me
She gimmie her heart you could be the referee
They say numbers don’t lie, so dont cheat, cos you did
And i ain’t gonna say no when you fuck me, girl

I’m going high, this shit is kinda high
I know i could paint a picture of us if we alright
I’m talking bout my new bae, she my hobby and my helo
And she gon make the stars jealous, when she put a smile on her face

Oh lord, oh oh oh oh hmm…
She don’t want it no more, she don’t like it no more
Cos i don’t love her no more, yeah i don’t love her no more
She done gimmie love no more
I dont wanna love her no more, tell her

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