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There are basically two ways to get rid of skin tags: cut them off or apply a topical ointment to dry them up. Skin tags are basically harmless, benign tumors that occur most commonly on areas of the body which experience friction on a regular basis. 

Unless the skin tag is irritating or shows signs of infection, there is no medical reason to remove it. It is recommended that you have a skin tag verified as such by a physician before attempting any treatment.

The most accepted method of removing armpit skin tags is to seek the help of a medical professional. He or she may cut the tag off or use a topical treatment like a wart remover to freeze or dry up the tags. There is also a process known as electrical cautrery which literally burns the skin tags away. Most are minor procedures which do not require anesthesia. Even so, there is always the risk of infection in surgerical removal.

It is possible to cut off skin tags at home. This is dangerous, can lead to infection, and you might harm yourself. It is also painful, and most individuals are too squeamish to perform this task on themselves.

Many individuals have used at-home methods that do not require slicing off skin to successfully rid themselves of armpit skin tags. Using an over-the-counter wart remover is one method. Follow the instructions that come with the product. You may have to repeat the process as it does not always work with the first application.

Another method of removing armpit skin tags is to tie a thin piece of twine, like dental floss, around the base of the tag, at the stem. This actually strangles the flesh, causing it to dry up and fall off. If you attempt this method, be sure to clean the area thoroughly first, and to avoid touching it for at least a week after tying it off. If the tag does not dry up after a week, the twine may not be tight enough or the tag may be too large for this method.

Apple cider vinegar is a topical at-home remedy which, theoretically, dries up the skin tag with acid. To use this method, soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and place on the armpit skin tags for 15 minutes. Repeat in the morning and at night. The skin tag usually darkens, dries up and falls off within a week.