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Dry skin in the ears can be caused by many different factors, including too much wax within the ears, or not enough because they are cleaned more often than they should be. Outside sources, such as a change in weather or humidity, can also cause dryness or cause it to become worse.

 There are various ways to treat this problem, including using medication that can be purchased over the counter or by prescription, and trying home remedies that have been shown to work in some cases.

No matter what the cause, basic steps can be taken that will usually eliminate the dryness. If not, a medical professional will need to be consulted in order to isolate the problem and obtain a working solution.

A lack of oil or wax is a common cause of dry skin in the ears. This can either be a hereditary issue, or it can be because the ears are being cleaned too often. The natural oils, as well as the ear wax, keep the area moist and prevent the ears from drying out. If dry skin appears because of one of these two factors, either olive or another vegetable oil can be put into the ears with a small dropper or syringe. Rub the ear after the oil has been inserted into the canal, and then wipe the excess off from around the are to prevent it from building up on the outer portions and the surrounding skin and hair.

If the skin problem is caused by an outside factor, such as the weather, common lotions can be used. Petroleum jelly rubbed into the ears will also help the problem. Of course, these products should not be placed into the canal, but used to remove the dryness along the inner and outer portions of the ear. If these basic solutions do not work, then stronger over-the-counter medications can be used that contain chemicals designed to relieve dryness and add moisture to the skin.

If home remedies and over-the-counter salves do not work, then a medical provider should be consulted. Various different medical conditions can cause dry skin in the ears, and if basic remedies do not work, then it is likely that there may be another problem.