How Do I Treat Dry Skin on the Eyelids

Dry eyelid skin can be a very uncomfortable problem, and it is often characterized by itchy, flaky skin. When skin flakes off, it can possibly fall onto the eyeball, resulting in extreme discomfort. Treating dry skin on the eyelids typically depends on the cause. If it caused by inflammation or infection, a person may need prescribed medications. Other times, dry skin can be treated with moisturizing creams or gels.

Dermatologists consider aloe vera gel to be one of the best natural treatments for dry skin on the eyelids. It can often soothe and moisturize dry skin of any kind. If the eyelids are cracked, aloe vera can also speed up healing time.

 Aloe vera gel can either be obtained directly from the plant itself, or purchased at a pharmacy. It can be applied to dry eyelids as often as necessary. Using this gel can help remedy dry skin within a week or two, if used regularly.

Special eyelid moisturizer can also be used for dry skin on the eyelids. Unlike regular body or facial moisturizers, these are designed specifically for the delicate areas surrounding the eyes. Applying a moisturizer a couple times each day can get rid of flaky skin in this area, usually within a couple of weeks.

Certain chemicals can cause dry skin as well. Cosmetics, like eye shadow or eyeliner, may cause this problem for some people. People with sensitive skin should avoid using a large amount of eye make-up for this reason. Also, individuals who notice dry skin around their eyes should discontinue using any cosmetics around their eyes, since it can worsen the condition.

To prevent dry skin on the eyelids, dermatologists recommend removing all make-up at the end of the day. This should be done with a gentle facial cleansers. For individuals who have chronic dry skin, choosing a product designed for this is usually helpful.

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