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You can use beeswax for waxing body hair by either purchasing a commercial body wax that is made from beeswax or using a recipe to create your own homemade body wax.

Specific body waxing techniques include using waxing strips for removing unwanted hair or applying body wax directly to the area targeted for hair removal. Commercial body waxes are usually accompanied by written instructions which should be followed closely, whereas a homemade body wax may need to be used with instructions found in books or via online resources. You may use beeswax for waxing by yourself or may contract the services of a professional to do it for you.

Commercial beeswax for waxing is often found at beauty supply stores or through online vendors. Beeswax can be found in roll-on dispensers, removable strips or in jars, from which wax can be applied more liberally. Using the instructions that accompany these products, you can remove unwanted body hair in the privacy of your own home. You may also hire an esthetician or a licensed cosmetologist to use beeswax for removing unwanted hair. When instructions are followed closely, these products are generally safe to use.

Among the different techniques offered when using commercial beeswax for waxing is heating wax to a temperature needed in order to soften the wax and help it adhere to the hair follicles where it is applied. It is important to not allow the wax to overheat to prevent skin from burning. By allowing the beeswax to cool for several minutes, the wax can be quickly peeled away in the direction opposite of hair growth, so hair will be pulled away from the skin at the same time.

Recipes for homemade beeswax for waxing can also be used. One such recipe requires combining beeswax with honey and strawberries to create a mixture that not only removes hair, but also has natural antiseptic properties as supplied by both the strawberries and the honey. Recipes can be found online or in health and beauty books found in libraries and bookstores. The instructions for using beeswax for waxing recipes is generally the same as those offered with commercial waxes. By applying wax to a designated area, allowing the wax to cool and quickly pulling the wax away from the skin, hair removal can last several weeks longer than with other methods.