How tall is Banu Alkan, age weight born birth day, boyfriend?

What is Banu Alkan? Banu Alkan latest status How tall is Banu Alkan?
how much is his weight, who is who is his country from which religion
How old was he born? Where was he born?
where is his biography life about his life

Banu Alkan
Full name

Banu Alkan
Date of birth

April 1, 1958 (Age 60)
Her boyfriend

Murat Taşdemir (Left)
Sun Sign


Birth Name: Liz Remka Rebronja
Banu Alkan
Place of Birth (Nereli)

Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia
Brief Life (Biography)

Banu Alkan, known as the Aphrodite of Turkish cinema, was born in Yugoslavia. He moved to Turkey with her family in 1966. When they started living in Balıkesir, he took his current surname, Alkan, and his name remained Remka. After moving from Balıkesir to Istanbul, it changed its name to Yaprak. He changed it again after a short time and made Banu.

After graduating from high school, he married the famous businessman Gürbüz Hanif. However, this 20-year-old relationship came to an end because his wife died of cancer. After starring in the movie “Wild and Beautiful”, which was released in 1988, he took a break from the screens for a while. In 1998, after a long hiatus, he returned like a bomb with his music album “Neremi”. The famous artist lastly appeared in the TV series Kızma Birader in 2005.
Natural hair color

Eye color


1.61 m or 161 cm

58 kg

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