Liver Location Function Description Strokes

Lİver Location Function Description Strokes
Location: Under the diaphragm, slightly to the right side of the body.
Function: To rid toxins from the blood, to control blood sugar and produce bile for digestion purposes.

Things That Can Go Wrong
Cirrhosis: Liver damage usually caused by either longterm alcohol abuse or hepatitis C.
Wilson’s Disease: Genetic disorder where too much copper in the body damages the liver.

The liver is a vital organ, not only for its role in the digestive system, but for the work is does throughout the body. It is located on the right side of the tummy, just below the diaphragm. Its role is to regulate, convert, store and process countless substances that we eat, breathe in and absorb through the skin.

At any one time the liver is filtering and correcting 13 percent of the body’s entire blood supply. It takes out poisonous substances like alcohol, toxins, bacteria and air pollution.

Any waste products are either then sent to the intestines for removal as feces or to the liver for further filtering and removing through urine. It also stores excess vitamins and produces about 80 percent of our natural supply of cholesterol.


Can I Live Without It?
No, if your liver failed you would die within 24 hours. A common sign of liver failure is jaundice where the whites of your eyes and skin turn yellow. If the liver fails, we die (unless a liver transplant is viable). Even liver dialysis can only be used short term.

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