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Logo Quiz Level 6 Answers by bubble quiz games Answers Logo Quiz Level 6 pack contains 80 logos. The answers to all of them are: PetroChina - the logo colored in the top half in orange, and the bottom half red. Between them there is a white dot with some lines starting from it. In [...]

Logo Quiz Level 6 Answers by bubble quiz games Answers

Logo Quiz Level 6 pack contains 80 logos. The answers to all of them are:

  • PetroChina – the logo colored in the top half in orange, and the bottom half red. Between them there is a white dot with some lines starting from it. In represents the sun.
  • Zippo – the black letters “Zi   O” the “i” has a red flame above it.
  • Fruit of the loom – the logo representing a pile of fruits.
  • Oral-B – the white letters “l-B” in a blue rectangle with rounded corners.
  • Lonely Planet – is the blue group of letters “l n l pl n t” with a outlined circle behind them.
  • Lindt – written in pale gold is “dt” and a logo to it’s right. Underneath there is a line and below  the line there is the world “LAND”.
  • Wilson – the red logo formed by a square with an white “W” inside.
  • Babolat – the text that says: “ab l T” and has to the left a logo that resembles a red eye.
  • Harvard – is the logo with the 3 white books on a red background surrounded by golden decorations. Beneath you can notice the letter “H”.
  • Playskool – Is the logo with red oval background on which you can read “P  Ys ool”.
  • Bandai – is the big red square with two white “A” inside.
  • Longines – is the logo formed by a black rectangle with an white logo that seems like a bird with the wings opened.
  • Rollerblade – is the one that looks like a roller-blade with 4 wheels.
  • Marvel – is the one that has a red rectangle background and the white letters “A VE” above.
  • Pritt – the logo that looks to be a white book, on a red background and in the book there are 3 letters written “P it”.
  • KTM – is the logo with the rectangle orange bacground and the letters written on it are a half of “T” and a “M”.

Top Gear – is represented by a blue circle that looks like a gear.

  • Iberia – is the big letter “B” made from 4 shapes: two red parallelograms and 2 golden round shape.
  • Dainese – is the logo shaped like a red triangle and has inside two smaller triangles, and to the right is the black letter “S”.
  • Reddit – is that little guy drown in and outline black, that smiles has orange eyes and an antenna on his head.
  • Element – is the one that looks like a white tree inside a white outlined circle, all on a red square background.
  • Columbia – is the logo that is formed from 8 small and wide lines, all of them in oblique positions, forming a black square.
  • Chubu Electric Power – is the orange half of spiral logo.
  • China Unicom – the red logo with Chinese characters under it.
  • China Telecom – the blue logo made from 4 chinese characters.
  • Carolina Herrera – the logo formed from two letters: “CH” first one is red and the other one is black.
  • British Midland International – the blue circle with an white “i” inside.
  • Banco Do Brasil – is the weird blue logo on a rectangle yellow background.
  • Auntie Annes – is a yellow pretzel outlined in blue.
  • Asiana Airlines – the text, written in grey “ASI A AI LI ES” and in the top right there is a red arrow.
  • Alcatel – the purple round logo with an big white “A” inside.
  • Aiwa – is the red logo that seems to be made from three arrows…
  • Airwalk – the logo made by a red circle with an white triangle inside. The triangle has a door on the bottom side.
  • Air Canada – the red maple leaf inside a red outlined circle.
  • Huawei – the red logo the looks like it’s made from red flower petals.
  • Acura – is the black outline circle with a black arrow, pointing up, inside.
  • Airness – is the one that look like a black panther/tiger and has the letter “i” under it.
  • Brita – the logo shaped like a blue rectangle with dots inside, and the white letters “B A”.
  • Milton Bradley – the black outlined rectangle with two letters inside “MB” the M is red and the B is blue.
  • Ritz Carlton – is the blue crown with a lion head above.
  • Skullcandy – is the white skull inside a black rectangle, and the white letters “ku c nd” near.
  • Slazenger – is the one with the running panther and the letter “n” under it.
  • Symantec – the orange circle with an black check mark inside.
  • Target – is made from a red dot inside an red circle, and under it you can see the letters “AR  T”.
  • Absolut – is made from two lines o blue text. The top on says “A S  LU” and the second one is “V  KA”.
  • Adio – is the black logo formed by a curve shape that has the black outline of an word, under it.
  • Air New zealand – the black logo made from two lines that form a arrow that is pointing to the left.
  • NTT Docomo – the red letters “d  o  o”.
  • SKF – the blue letters “S F”.
  • TNT – this logo is the one made from 3 orange outlined circles. Inside the middle circle there is an orange “N”.
  • Formula 1 – the log formed from two rows of letters “F1” and “F r ul” under it.
  • Piaggio – the blue rectangle logo with an big white “P” inside, and under it this white letters “P GG”.
  • EA Sports –  the silver circle with this red letters inside “EA”.
  • KLM – is the blue logo that looks like a crown made from a “+”, 4 circles and a thick line.
  • TomTom – the silver ball with two red palms on it.
  • Garmin – the one formed from this black letters “G RMI”. The “I” has a small blue triangle near it.
  • CNBC – the rainbow shaped logo formed by 6 round shapes colored in golden, orange, red, purple, blue and green. The purple shape has a small part of it cut off.
  • ESPN – is the red letters “E N”, they are cut with a white line.
    McAfee – the logo that shaped like a red shield, outlined in white. Inside there is a white “M”.
  • TSN – the blue outlined circle with a small drop inside.
  • Rock Shox – is the logo made from two lines of text. The top one is “OC” written in red on a white background, and the bottom one is “S  X” written in white in a black background.
  • Divx – the big black “X”.
  • Opera – the big red “O”.
  • World of Warcraft – the logo made from two rows of golden text. Top row says “WORLD” and under it are 3 letters “W  FT”.
  • Alitalia – the logo shaped like an “A” formed by a green arrow and a red triangle.
  • Bundesliga – is the white man that is kicking a ball, inside a red rectangle.
  • Hard Rock Cafe – is the dark purple letters “H  d  o k” above a orange circle.
  • Leica – the white “L” inside a red circle.
  • Chupa Chups – is the logo formed by two lines of red text, on a yellow background. The first line has the “h a” letters and the second line has “h ps”.
  • Lavazza – the dark brown letters “L  Az A”.
  • Del Monte – the logo formed by the white letters “D m n e” inside a red round shape outlined in green.
  • Psvita – is the one that shows only this silver letters “P V A”.
  • American Express – is the blue square with an white “A” and “S” in it.
  • Wella – is the one that resembles a female head, made from 3 red line, with her hair in the wind.
  • Time – the red letters “T  E”.
  • 3M – is the red one, that is formed by a “3” followed by 2 vertical lines.
  • Allianz – is the blue circle with 3 vertical lines in it.
  • Hot Wheels – is the one that looks like a red flame with a yellow “H” inside.
  • The North Face – the red square that has inside 3 curved white lines.
  • HSBC – the red logo formed by 4 red triangles, and 2 white triangles.
Update notes:
  • Updated the logos that have new design, because the game had a major update.
  • Updated descriptions for the new logos.
  • Some spelling errors are fixed.


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