Love Fraud series Cast Showtime Premiere Date and Trailer Explained

  •  Showtime: Love Fraud Premiere Date
  • Showtime’s Love Fraud Cast
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Love Fraud Showtime Premiere Date, Cast, and Trailer Explained

Love Fraud’s (Showtime) premiere date has been revealed and the show, which is a docu-series detailing the life of a con-man as he swindles wife after wife and ends up almost destroying the lives of many.

In addition to this, the women who were victimized by him team up to put him behind bars. The documentary also follows them as they chase him in real-time and try to deliver justice to the man that has swindled them out of their money and feelings.

The show also sarcastically comments on the nature of their marriage to the con-man.

Showtime: Love Fraud Premiere Date

The docu-series was released on August 30, 2020. It will be available on the Showtime channel and its online streaming services.

Showtime’s Love Fraud Cast

The cast of women on the show is one of the most real ensembles we have seen in a while. In addition to this, directors

Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady. 

Also, make appearances on the show.


Rachel Grady

Rachel Grady is an acclaimed American filmmaker who has worked on various other projects like Jesus Camp. The documentary was responsible for shutting down a summer camp that taught kids that they have prophetic powers and they must take back America for Jesus Christ.

Her partnership with Heidi Ewing has made her one of the most respected filmmakers in the world.


Heidi Ewing

Michigan born filmmaker Heidi Ewing started making films with Rachel Grady more than 20 years ago and even established Loki Films. 

Like Rachel, she was also nominated for Jesus Camp. While not as glamorous as one of the Hollywood directors, her documentaries are some of the most acclaimed and thought-provoking pieces out there.

The Detroit native ruffled some feathers when she made a racial comment on Hasidic Jews, she said they had been killed because they refused to blend in. She made a documentary on 3 Hasidic Jews that had left their life as a Jews and tried to become a part of the outside society.

Ewing and Rachel have been featured in a lot of film festivals and won a lot of awards.


Premise And Plot

The docuseries follows a con-man with multiple aliases and a tendency to skip town as a group of young women follow him and try to apprehend him and punish him for his crime. What is his crime? He swindles women out of money in the scam where he charms them gets into a relationship with them marries them use them for money and leaves.

In addition to scamming the women out of their money, he also breaks their hearts in the process. The guy in question is a run-of-the-mill, middle-aged white guy.

In one of the earliest episodes, a woman named Tracy swipes right on a white guy who then matches with her and they start dating. He seems decent at first, he flaunts money, he is religious, he projects that he does well in life. They date for a while and a few weeks in, he proposes to her in the heat of the moment sweep you off your feet type proposals.

He buys a sports car in her name and an engagement ring but a short while later things become clear as he takes off and there is no more husband. The guy was using an alias and swindled her out off money.


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