Ekim 13, 2021

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What a dramatic few days! I’m so shocked at Megan and Wes kissing – it’s crazily awful and really surprising as I’ve never even seen them speak in the villa. But it’ll be so entertaining – it’s what we’ve all been waiting for!

That went from 0 to tongues real quick! ?? #LoveIsland
 If she hasn’t spoken to Laura about it, Megan has really broken the girl code. I almost don’t want to see Laura’s reaction tonight – she’s going to blow up!

Wes kisses Megan in tonight’s gameREX FEATURES
Wes kisses Megan in tonight’s game
Laura’s going to ‘blow up’ at Wes tonightITV
Laura’s going to ‘blow up’ at Wes tonight
But, I don’t blame Megan for ditching Eyal and I don’t blame Wes for ditching Laura.

I think Laura’s been a bit sensitive, he wants to enjoy himself, he doesn’t want to be bit at all the time.

I think she’s lovely but he’s not right for her. I was in situations in the villa and I over-reacted, but it’s because everything seems ten times worse when you’re in there.

Sad to see this one go! #loveisland #adamandzara #couple

Alex and Ellie are furious with each otherITV
Alex and Ellie are furious with each other
Dr Alex needs to calm down …

I think Alex was being unreasonable in his row with Ellie last night. The problem is, he’s so desperate to find someone that it came across quite badly. I think being rejected again made him act in a way he wouldn’t normally.

?WARNING: Tonight’s show contains some shocking behaviour! We’ve got this AND a dumping at 9pm on @itv2. #LoveIsland
He was accusing Ellie of playing a game but could it be him playing a game? I don’t think she has done anything wrong.

She came into the villa, she could have gone with Wes but she didn’t. Wes would have happily jumped ship to Ellie. She tried to give Alex a chance. She isn’t wrong for not fancying him. She’s not sexually attracted to him, that’s not her fault.

Last night Dr Alex acted in a way we haven’t seen before, which I think is really interesting.

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MEGAN’S GONE THERE! Look at the face on Laura. ??? #LoveIsland
Where’s all the sex?

I know Eyal and Megan have had sex – and have Wes and Laura? It’s all a bit tame. In previous series, people couldn’t keep their hands off each other, but this series no-one seems to fancy each other. They need to couple up with people they fancy, not the safe option. That way they’ll have more fun.

Jack and Dani are goalsITV
Jack and Dani are goals
Jack’s ex Ellie Jones is set to enter the villa, but I love Jack and Dani and I don’t think they’ll be shaken if his ex goes in. It’ll be very entertaining, but I don’t want exes to go in! I don’t want it to get messy! I think Jack and Dani are going to win – nothing can shake them.