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You literally won’t believe what Wes and Megan do next in tonight’s Love Island
As Laura’s left in tears, we’re left wondering: is this the snakiest thing to ever happen in the villa?!


Casa Amor is BACK! ? Six brand new girls will be meeting our boys tomorrow night... but we all know what happens at Amor, doesn’t stay at Amor. #LoveIsland
If you thought Megan smirking on last night’s Love Island was bad, just wait until you see tonight’s episode.

A sneak peek at Wednesday’s episode reveals that not only does Wes completely sack off Laura, but he immediately cracks on with Megan “as a fresh start – as if we came in the villa today” – and the pair even go to bed together and have a full-on snog.

Danny Dyer enlists Bruce Lee to demonstrate what he’ll do to Love Island’s Jack if he ‘does bits’ with his daughter Dani
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Yes, seriously! Here’s the proof:


That went from 0 to tongues real quick! ?? #LoveIsland
The preview shows Laura distraught and in tears on the terrace as she’s comforted by Samira and Dani, crying as she has no idea what to do next.

“He told me this is the best first time in a relationship he’s ever had,” Laura confesses. “I knew in my heart this was not the best start of a relationship I’ve ever had, but when someone says that to you I’m trying to give him a chance.

The girls have got six new lads coming to stay, but when the boys are away, will the ladies stray? #LoveIsland
“I’m not lying, I’m not being fake – but he was the only person here I fancied so obviously I’m going to go for it. I don’t know what else to do, it’s just so embarrassing. And I really really really liked him, and I was so close to saying back to him that I was falling for him.”All the while Wes and Megan are at the fire pit, getting close. “Would I ever regret anything I said? Absolutely f**king not,” asserts Wes. “And I’ve said I’ve fancied you – I’ve been open with Laura, I’ve been open with you and I am happy to crack on with you as a fresh start – as if we came in the villa today.”

MEGAN’S GONE THERE! Look at the face on Laura. ??? #LoveIsland
 Megan replies: “I appreciate the massaive risk you’ve taken,” to which Wes instantly fires back: “To me it’s not a risk. It’s how I feel.”

Later on, the pair are then seen walking through the bedroom in the villa and heading straight past Laura – who’s in bed alone – and outside to the day beds where Wes’s face says it all:

Alex’s sarky commentary totally made that argument! ? #LoveIsland
Understandably the islanders are left looking shocked and bemused with the turn of events – with Ellie audibly gasping!

Not that Megan seems to be worrying about what anyone thinks…

What with a dumping also happening tonight in the villa, tonight’s episode looks set to be absolutely unmissable. And not just because it features possibly the snakiest thing we’ve ever seen on Love Island…