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Sarah Àlainn

Go, sail away from today
When light fades away
Will we meet again?

Hope shining on an aching soul
Though fate must let you go,
A new dawn begins

Remembering faraway lands
Time to reflect and understand
A promise clenched in your hand
Carries you to faraway times

Come with me, on the horizon lies
A kingdom of the dreams
Together we freed

Now, fears relieved for eternity
The shadows fade away
Our time draws near

Can’t, stop the tears from falling
Run, now the gates are closing
Time bears a silver lining
(Ohh) Why say we’ve come now to the end
You and I will meet again
We are one eternally

What lies beyond our sky
Visions of another life
The memories of light
Calling from a distant night
Feel the music floating through endless skies
Off to far away times

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