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Post Malone 40 Funk Lyrics letra Text Paroles sozler

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40 Funk Post Malone Song Lyrics letra Text Paroles Şarkı sözler best nice sing lyrics 40 Funk Post Malone Produced by ​iLoveMakonnen & FKi Album August 26th 40 FUNK LYRICS [Hook] 40 got me funky I popped a molly Went kamikaze Another 40 I'm Michael Jordan and bitch I'm scoring Drank two 40's My bitch is foreign, she got deported Thousand ounces, police is knocking Ain't got no worries Feeling funky I popped a molly, went kamikaze Another 40 I'm Kyrie Irving and bitch I'm scoring Drank two 40's, my bitch is foreign She got deported Thousand ounces, this shit still popping Ain't got no worries [Bridge] 40 got me funky 40 got me funky 40 got me funky 40 got me funky [Verse 1] I popped a molly, switching lanes I'ma pull up in this bitch, exotic Lean in sprite