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Adele Crazy for You Song Lyrics letra Text Paroles sarkı sozler

Adele, C Song
Crazy for You Adele Song Lyrics letra Text Paroles Şarkı sözler best nice sing lyrics Produced by Jim Abbiss Album 19 CRAZY FOR YOU LYRICS [Verse 1] Found myself today singin' out loud your name You said I'm crazy, if I am I'm crazy for you Sometimes sittin' in the dark, wishin' you were here Turns me crazy, but it's you who makes me lose my head [Pre-Chorus] And every time I'm meant to be acting sensible You drift into my head and Turn me into a crumblin' fool [Chorus] Tell me to run and I'll race If you want me to stop I'll freeze And if you want me gone, I'll leave Just hold me closer, baby And make me crazy for you Crazy for you [Verse 2] Lately with this state I'm in, I can't help myself but spin I wish you'd c