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Bruno Mars Again Lyrics letra Text Paroles sarkı sozler

A Song, Bruno Mars
Again Bruno Mars Song Lyrics letra Text Paroles Şarkı sözler best nice sing lyrics Song Lyrics, letra ,Texte ,Paroles ,sarkı sozler Again Bruno Mars Album Unreleased AGAIN LYRICS [Intro] Hands over my head thinking what else could go wrong Would of stayed in bed, how can a day be so long [Chorus] Never believed that things happen for a reason But how this turned out removed all my doubt so believe That for you I do it all over again Do it all over again All I went through led me to you So I would do it all over again For you [Verse 1] I missed the first train stood out in the rain all day (Little did I know) But I caught the next train, and there you were to sweep me away Guess that is what I waited for [Chorus] Oh, who ever thought a day gone so wrong co