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Yours Truly, Austin Post Lyrics letra Text Paroles sozler

Post Malone
Yours Truly, Austin Post Song Lyrics letra Text Paroles Şarkı sözler best nice sing lyrics Yours Truly, Austin Post Post Malone Produced by Leon Thomas III, Louis Bell & Roofeeo Album Stoney YOURS TRULY, AUSTIN POST LYRICS [Intro] I'ma take a Bud Light break, ah, ah [Chorus] I just came down from the high of my life I just, I just came down from the high of my life See us popping champagne, we could do it all night And if everything gone bad, we gon' make it alright [Verse 1] How you expecting them O's when you ain't put in work? And I just got off the phone, yeah, with my realtor And I've been eating so good that, bitch, my belly broke And I might cop that Mulsanne 'cause, bitch, that Bentley talk Put that sauce on that bitch real quick Put that ice on that wrist re