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Avicii Friend Of Mine Song Lyrics letra Text Paroles sarkı sozler

Friend Of Mine Avicii ft. Vargas Lagola Song Lyrics letra Text Paroles Şarkı sözler best nice sing lyrics Friend of Mine Avicii Featuring Vargas & Lagola Produced by Avicii Album AVĪCI (01) - EP VERIFIED LYRICS BY Avicii FRIEND OF MINE LYRICS [Verse 1] Hey Do you remember we said, "Hello"? And you asked me about my Levi's T-shirt Said, "You are a friend of mine" My, oh my You must have saved me about a thousand times I wouldn't be the one I am today If you hadn't been a friend of mine [Chorus] I ain't misbehaving I'm just telling you the truth Take my love for granted Yeah, I'll give it all to you Made me count for something Yeah, I feel it in my heart God only knows what I'd have been if you hadn't been [Post-Chorus/Drop] A friend of mine [Verse 2] He