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Barren Nothing Ever Changed Only You text lyrics LETRA PAROLES

Nothing Ever Changed, Only You Wanna take one? Do you think we should try it? Yeah why not, hey would you bring all those microphones in please, let's get some real good sound in here [Verse 1] Swallow your pride For just a while And lemme see How things would play out Not allowed to understand yet So ill just sit here and wait now Just smoking all my problems down Circling myself around Trying my best to drown my conscious out The only time to write is when I'm Smoking now Looking for a place To hang my head down For the good of everyone around No end in mind Will give me time to think of How ill let you down Circling right back around [Hook] Nothings changed Feeling strange When will you Talk to me And tell me whats Behind the things you say Nothings chan...