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Mine Bazzi Song Lyrics letra Text Paroles Şarkı sözler Bazzi Mine best nice sing lyrics paroles, lyrics, letra, song lyrcs Bazzi MINE LYRICS [Intro] I just had a lil' bit too much of Hennessy Just gotta tell you how I feel [Verse 1] You so fucking precious when you smile Hit it from the back and drive you wild Girl I lose myself up in those eyes eye eye eye eyes I just had to let you know you're [Chorus] Mine Hands on your body, I don't wanna waste no time Feels like forever even if forever's tonight Just lay with me, waste this night away with me You're mine I can't look away I just gotta say [Verse 2] I'm so fucking happy you're alive Swear to God I'm down if you're down all you gotta say is right Girl anything I can do just to make you feel alright, oh o