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Beth Crowley 2007 text lyrics letra paroles sarki sozu

2007 Beth Crowley text lyrics letra paroles sarki sozu paroles, lyrics, letra, song lyrcs 2007 Beth Crowley A parking deck, At 3am, He's on the other line, Through fearful whispers, He can tell that I am far from fine, Honestly, He might have saved my life that night, The year 2007, I began to fight, 'Cause you can't call a doctor, And just tell him where it hurts, You weigh the choice to live or die, And don't know which is worse, Stumbling through darkness, Grasping for a shred of light, Wrestling your demons, 'Till you reach the other side, Others chalk it up to heartbreak or a passing phase, In fitful sleep you scream I'm not supposed to feel this way, I don't have answers, But I made it through the rain, And happiness is worth the temporary pain, ...