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mood Lyrics Post Malone Song Lyrics letra Text Paroles Şarkı sözler best nice sing lyrics #mood Lyrics Post Malone Produced by Sire & Chris Styles #MOOD LYRICS [Chorus] Homie, you's a window shopper Mad at me, I think I know why Homie, you's a window shopper In the jewelry store lookin' at shit you can't buy Homie, you's a window shopper At the dealership, tryna get a test drive Homie, you's a window shopper You mad as fuck when you see me ride by [Verse] Everybody wanna talk shit on the internet But they ain't understand they see the work I put into it I'm guessing all this bullshit just come with the benefits 20 years old, 20 carats, my bezel heavy Doors suicide, they say a word in remembrance And they just wanna see me fail but dawg, I ain't havin' it They wanna t