The Door the story Season 6 Episode 5 Game of Trones

The Story: North of the Wall, Bran is touched by the Night King in a vision, giving away the location of the Three-Eyed Raven and the Children of the Forest.

Why It’s On This List: No one does shocking twists quite like George R. R. Martin, but we doubt anyone was prepared for the emotional rollercoaster of season six, episode five’s “The Door.” It was a fitting farewell to a character that largely existed in the background of the bigger story, but it was done in a way that furthered the plot and elevated the stakes of the show. Bran’s visions, up until this point, have been used as teasers for the audience, a way for fans to gain more information, have their theories proven or disproven, and aid predictions for future seasons, but “The Door” reminded us that the boy’s supernatural abilities come at a terrible cost.

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