Ekim 17, 2021

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The Story: Jon Snow and Daenerys head to King’s Landing to seek an alliance with Cersei.

Why It’s On This List: “The Dragon and the Wolf” was the culmination of years of storylines, shocking character deaths, plot twists, and story-shaping reveals.

It saw all of our favorite characters sharing the screen for the first time — powerful men and women who, up until now, had been sworn enemies, being forced to make alliances for survival. It surprised us by upending a confrontation that had been building all season between Arya and Sansa, and instead giving fans a needed victory with the death of Littlefinger. And it introduced the main conflict that will drive much of season eight, the threat of the Night King now that he has a dragon of his own. It was, in a word, epic, which is why it ranks so high on this list.