Kasım 29, 2021

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The Story: Tyrion’s trial by combat commences with Oberyn Martell serving as his champion. Oberyn uses the fight as an opportunity to force Ser Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane to admit to raping and murdering his sister on Tywin’s orders.

Why It’s On This List: This battle was small in scale, but the show squeezed every drop of development and plot it could from the fight.

Oberyn Martel (Pedro Pascal) was a mysterious character introduced early in the season, one who clearly had his own motivations and reasons to hate the Lannisters. It wasn’t surprising when he offered to fight for Tyrion — it served his own ends — or when he dominated most of the battle with The Mountain. What was shocking was how blinded by vengeance that Oberyn was, and how that resulted in one of the most gruesome deaths in the show’s history.