Ekim 19, 2021

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The Story: King Robb and his army celebrate the marriage of Edmure Tully and Walder Frey’s daughter.

Why It’s On This List: This episode, alternately titled “The Red Wedding” might be the single most memorable episode of the entire series.

Fans and non-fans alike have watched it, it’s been memed, GIFed, joked about on late night talk shows. It marked a turning point in the series, showing the kind of betrayal possible, the lengths men will go to for power, pettiness, and revenge. It killed off main characters we had been with for seasons in the most brutal, gruesome way. It was heartbreaking, beautifully acted, and one of the most outstanding hours of television we’ve seen in a while. In other words, don’t you dare question why it’s on this list.