Top 5 Characteristics of Daenerys Targaryen

Success differs from person to person and the path to success is different for everyone. Yet there are certain characteristic which are similar in all successful people. Let’s understand this from example of “Daenerys targaryen” From GOT series.

1. She believed in her dreams

As cliché as it sounds but this is important for path to success. After becoming a khaleesi, she had everything which one can define as a happy life. Happy married life, servants to her aid, power but she didn’t stop there. She still dreamt of conquering seven kingdoms.

It’s hard to convince a Dothraki tribe who is known for its brutality and superstitious beliefs yet she took the initiative and in the letter episode Khal Drogo is convinced to go to westeros. She didn’t had a favorable circumstances yet it never affected her dream.She had a dream and she knew one day it would come true.

2. She was secretive

In the first episode where her brother came to talk with her, in a background a tub with hot water is shown. After her brother left, she goes to take a bath where one of servants tells her that water is too hot and yet, nothing happens to her.

In another instance she is holding dragon eggs near fire where her servant sees her. The servant takes eggs from her and gets burned while daenerys was not at all burned.

She used her talents only when it was necessary. She knew she won’t get anything if she would boast about her talents. She used her talent at right timings which helped her in achieving success.

3. She acquired the knowledge

After getting married she learnt dothraki in order to be close to the dothraki tribe. She would discuss about the war, strategies with Jorah even when she was just a khaleesi. Later on she surrounded herself with right people who were much knowledgeable, much experienced than her. She never left the opportunity to acquire knowledge.

Remember the instance when she asks for guidance from Olenna tyrell.

At this point she had an army, she had a team who was helping her strategizing war tactics yet she knew the importance of gaining knowledge from a much experienced person. She knew the importance of learning something from everyone and implementing it to achieve success.

4.She took risk

Remember the instance when she sold her dragon . Everyone around her advised against it but she still sold it.

Later on she burns the masters with her dragon but still it was a big risk. Things could have gone wrong and she might have lost her dragon. Yet she took a risk as she knew success cannot come with desire, hard work or thinking out of box one has to take the risk knowing it can turn against yourself and still taking it.

5.She never let failure affect her

From failing to removing slavery completely to failed allies with dorne,iron islands and reach she saw lots of failure along her way but she never let them affect her. She never took her failure personally instead she took the responsibility of her mistakes and took immediate action to overcome the failures. For an instance after all her allies were taken down by the Lannisters she knew she didn’t had enough food,weapons and gold for her army.

Instead of sitting there formulating strategy she took matters in her hand and fought for her people. She knew what was important for her people and she took immediate action. That’s what successful people do. They don’t take their failures personally instead they make it their stepping stone.

Apart from these, there are certain other characteristic such as strong desire ,hard work,dedication helps in achieving a success. At the end it’s all about how much one is willing to work for his dreams.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

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