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Name:Anton Danyluk
Home-Town:Airdrie, Scotland
Occupation:Gym Owner

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Who is Love Island’s Anton Danyluk?

Anton’s a gym owner and the show’s first EVER Scottish guy who reckons he can go all the way. He says, “Laura Anderson and Camilla Thurlow both got to the final. Hopefully, I’ll get further than them and win it!”

How old is Anton Danyluk?
24, babes.

Where is Anton Danyluk from?
Anton’s from Airdrie, a little town in North Lanarkshire.

Who is Anton Danyluk, how old is he, and where is he from?
Anton is a gym owner from Airdrie, which is 12 miles east of Scotland.

He is 24 and proudly admits to being a ladies’ man..

Anton Danyluk Height and Incredibly Sexy Body

Anton Danyluk’s height is a matter of mystery. That is weird considering because he was on a reality TV show named ‘Love Island’ and people appearing on reality TV mostly say everything about him.

However, he has a wonderful body. You know, he’s a gym owner. So, it’s not a surprise when you see his body. But what’s incredible is that he made all that body in 16 weeks prior to appearing on ‘Love Island’.

Check his transformation here and be inspired.

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Anton Danyluk’s family Sherie Ann (mother)

The details of his family at its entirety is not known but we know about his mother.

Danyluk has a mother aged 55 named as Sherie Ann. Sherie is clear that she wants her son to treat women right. She also told that she gave her son rough time when she knew about the strings of cheating girls he’s done.

Anton Danyluk’s Girlfriend
When it comes to his love life, Anton like it spicy. He had an orgy with 3 men and a girl before. That is understandable and nothing to judge there but it’s his ways of cheating that concerns me.

He told that his ex-girlfriend once chased him with a knife. Of course! I don’t blame the girl. But I am quite happy nobody got hurt.

However, it seems like Anton Danyluk has no girlfriend currently.