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Dentures that closely resemble a person’s natural teeth are usually more natural looking than ones that do not. Getting dentures that fit properly and securing dentures are also necessary for natural looking dentures. Maintaining dentures is also very important. They should be brushed every day and rinsed off after eating, for instance, and they should not be allowed to dry out.

A good fit is also usually necessary for natural looking dentures. False teeth that are too small or too large are usually very fake looking. If the base of the dentures do not fit properly, this can also make false teeth look fake. Routine denture adjustments are usually necessary. Some people need to have their dentures adjusted each year, for instance.

 Natural looking dentures are also usually secured well in a person’s mouth. Dentures may be secured in a person’s mouth a couple of ways. Partial dentures are often secured with metal clips around a person’s natural teeth, while full dentures are usually formed to the gums. Some dentures may also be attached to implants in a person’s jaw.

People who have problems with slipping dentures can use denture adhesive to hold them in place. These types of adhesives can be found in paste, powder, or strip form. They are applied to the surface of the dentures and firmly pushed onto the gums. An adhesive will bond the dentures to a person’s gums, making it less likely for the them to slip or fall out.

Proper maintenance and cleaning also are usually necessary for healthy and natural looking dentures. Cosmetic dentures should be rinsed off every time after a person eats. This will loosen any food particles that can cause problems. Cigarettes, along with red wine and coffee, should be avoided as much as possible to prevent stained dentures.

Just like real teeth, dentures need to be brushed every day. Special denture toothpaste and a soft bristled denture brush should be used for this, however, to avoid damaging them. When they are not being worn, dentures should also be stored in plain water or a denture soaking solution. This will help prevent them from drying out, which can cause the dentures to shrink or crack.