What bread fetish

bread fetish
An unholy obsession with obtaining ones bread
My nigga Nathanial Gustav fucking the shit outta tha bread, I think my g has a breadfetish

Food fetishes are nothing new, psh, dahlin’ please. Bread stomping, however, is something I have yet to understand. Spotted on Bura Bura Browsing by the guys and gals over at RocketNews24, a series of pictures titled “Women Stomping on Bread is Sexy” depicted a girl dressed in a kitschy school uniform ruthlessly stomping on pieces of bread.

Hold up. As one commentator noted, “They aren’t even buns filled with curry or jam. Just bread isn’t going to make my dick stand up.” Our sentiments exactly. If you’re going to make bread stomping the new new, at least do it right. May we suggest stomping on  buns stuffed with melted cheddar cheese or slices of buttered, toasted bread topped with warm Gouda and thick, greasy bacon? It’s a starting point, at least.

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