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Case: the property of a noun or pronoun that indicates how it relates to other parts of a sentence. The three cases in English are nominative, possessive, and objective.

Collective noun: a count noun referring to a group—e.g., staffbandgroup.

Comparative: indicating that something has a quality to a greater or lesser degree than something else. For example, fasterprettier, and more equitable are comparative adjectivesComparative adverbs usually take more.

Complement: a word or phrase that completes the meaning of a verb. The main types are objects, predicate nouns, and predicate adjectives.

Conjunction: a word or phrase that links words, phrases, clauses, or sentences.

Conjunctive adverban adverb that functions as a conjunction—for example, howevertherefore, hence.

Contraction: an abbreviation of a word or phrase formed by omitting letters, usually replacing the omitted letters with an apostrophe—e.g., can’twe’llhe’d.

Conventional: significantly more common than alternative forms.

Count noun: a noun that can be singular or plural.