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Are pixie haircuts in style for 2019? What is a pixie style haircut? How long is a pixie haircut? Are pixie cuts easy to maintain? Can I pull off a pixie cut? Is a pixie cut good for thin hair?

What is a pixie style haircut?A pixie haircut is a very short hair style for women, where hair is cropped close to the head and face. It is a slightly boyish cut, but is very easy to style, and many women are able to simply “wash and wear” a pixie haircut. A stylist will be able to cut pixie haircuts at different lengths depending on the client’s preferences.

A pixie haircut may be cut extremely close to the head, or some spiky pieces may be left for a different, interesting style. Some choose to leave some pieces longer in this type of short haircut, to allow them to be pinned back with a stylish barrette or headband. These pieces may be left on the side or the back, and some choose to have bangs in the front with a pixie cut as well. These bangs are virtually never blunt bangs, straight across, but are instead sideswept, spiky bangs to match the rest of the cut.

There are many benefits to a pixie haircut. It is easy to wash and condition, and such short hair may not need to be washed every day. This will lead to healthier, moisturized hair. Because it is so short, it will also take less time to wash and dry. Pixie haircuts may be dried with a hair dryer, or they may be left to dry naturally.


Pixie haircuts may be styled with a small amount of gel or pomade, depending on the look desired. Gel or hairspray may create a smoother look, while pomade can be used to create spiky pieces. Leave-in conditioner can be used on its own to create a messy, beachy look. In addition, a pixie haircut is an excellent choice for summer, because it is light and cool. It is simple to dye hair that has been cut in a pixie style, and this type of cut is also excellent for covering grays.

There are a few reasons not to choose a pixie haircut. First, with such a short haircut, it is important to have good bone structure; a well defined jawline and cheekbones, along with delicate features, tend to look best with a pixie haircut. Those with an extremely square or round face may want to choose a longer, more flattering haircut. In addition, a pixie haircut requires regular trims and maintenance at a salon, which may take extra time and money out of an already busy lifestyle