Ekim 18, 2021

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Alternatively referred to as a phone, a telephone is a device that converts analog audio into electrical signals that can be transferred to other telephone users. The telephone enables people to communicate with others all over the world and is widely credited as being invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876.

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Types of phones

There are four categories of phones: the classic corded telephone (which could utilize a rotary dial or have buttons), the cordless or wireless phone, the standard cell phone, and the smartphone. Today, the landline version of the telephone is widely being replaced by cell phones and smartphones as they are much more convenient and service prices have come down drastically.

How to connect a landline phone

Standard home phones are connected to a wall outlet using an RJ-11 connector. When connecting a telephone to a modem, the phone should be connected to the “line out” connector. From there, landline connects to the modem’s “line in” connector.