Eylül 18, 2021

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Victims of female bullying often suffer more emotionally than physically.

A real queen bee surrounded by attendants. The leader of a clique of girls may be called the “queen bee.”.

Victims of bullying may engage in self-destructive behavior as a way to cope.

Gossiping is a common form of female bullying.

It is rare for female bullying to escalate to physical violence, but it does happen.

Female bullies may spread malicious gossip.

Female bullying is often very psychological.

Female bullying may include sending out harassing text messages.

How to protect yourself against bullies as a grown up

If you were ever picked on at school, you’ll remember this feeling when you reached July of Year 11: sheer relief.

All the gleeful, simmering teenage cruelty would stay in the playground because there wouldn’t be room for nasty behaviour in the adult world.

And we’d all transform from insecure, unhappy teenagers into reasonable teachers and parents – we’d be the ones solving issues, not causing or experiencing them. Right?

But then we grow up and find out that most mean girls become mean women.

They get jobs, get married, have kids, and then they torture you in increments every day – on social media, at the school gates or from across the desk.