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BIRTHDAY January 28, 1975

AGE 43 years old


Sharkboy is a superhero from the family film The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3D.

Sharkboy is played by Taylor Lautner.

After losing his father at sea, Sharkboy was raised by sharks and learned to swim, fight and even bite like a shark.

Sharkboy’s true name and his life before he became Sharkboy are largely unknown. It is known that his father was a marine biologist who called his son Sharkboy (it is unclear if this is a birth name or a term of endearment) and that Sharkboy too wanted to be a marine biologist. They both studied in a floating laboratory until the day that it was destroyed by a waterspout, killing Sharkboy’s father.

The now-orphaned Sharkboy was discovered by a school of sharks, who took him as one of their own. They taught him to swim, breath in water, and how to bite through most anything. He soon becomes a superhero who befriends the superheroine Lavagirl and a boy named Max. Together they were defenders of a bizarre world called The Planet Drool.

However, Sharkboy, Lavagirl, and Planet Drool itself only exist inside the imagination of Max. Max is constantly bullied at his school but another boy named Linus, who also steals Max’s dream journal, where all his ideas and dreams are collected, then vandalizes it. When Max attempted to get revenge, he is interrupted by Sharkboy and Lavagirl, who miraculously appear out of small tornadoes. They told Max that he was needed on the Planet Drool, where the planet’s electrician, Mr. Electric, went mad and is causing trouble.

The three travelled together to Drool, only to be dropped of into the Dream Graveyard, a place where Max’s incompleted and forgotten dreams lay. Together, the three escaped and ended up bonding over their trials and tribulations. They realized the next step in their journey was to find a woman named the Ice Princess, which would allow them to freeze time and allow them to complete the next stage of their plan. But they are soon captured by Mr. Electric and are introduced to Minus, a dream version of Linus, who are tainted and corrupted Max’s dreams with Max’s own dream journal. The three are able to escape when Sharkboy is able to go into a frenzy and use his powers to bit his way out of their cage.

American professional wrestler, born Dean Roll, known for his time with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, which he joined in 2002.

Before Fame
He began his wrestling career at age 20 with the Heartland Wrestling Association.

He has also wrestled under the names El Piranha and Dean Baldwin. He filed a lawsuit against Miramax in 2005 following the released of their film The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D.

Family Life
He has two biological children and one stepchild and married Joselyn Wellman.

Associated With
He cites Stone Cold Steve Austin as his all-time favorite wrestler.

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